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Mones Estrella


Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Digitally created by K. Lemon

Working with deaf people across United States inspired me to create contents in American Sign Language (ASL) for the deaf community and ASL users. Lemon decides to utilize NFT by combining her craft of digital artistry and her love for creating stories. Each contribution goes to building my TV series projects.

A glowing star in the far East is Planet Lemon, filled with creatures of textures and vibrant colors. Mones Estrella means "star monkey" in Spanish and also a homage to American Sign Language - the sign for "star" and "sock" is similar. Lemon chose sock monkey because as a queer child at heart,  they are the most gender-neutral toys every child can have. 

Mones Estrella is a NFT collection of stellular fuzzy creatures from Planet Lemon.

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